New meeting

Are we not doing meetings anymore ? I did not get invites for last week or this week.

One thought on “New meeting”

  1. Sorry Arun! We met last week via Hangouts at the same time as usual on Monday, though I never sent out an official invitation through the official channels. I haven’t kept up as much with the formalities since there’s a smaller peloton every week compared to the much larger group when we first started.

    This week, a few of the regulars had emailed me over the weekend, or early this morning saying they were travelling or had work conflicts, so I had let this evening’s meeting slide. I thought you had been on the email I sent out to that effect, but perhaps I’d missed you since you’d only joined us in the last few weeks. Again, my apologies.

    I’ll try to get us back on schedule with official invitations for next Monday evening. Thanks for sticking with us!

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