Course Resources

Here we maintain a listing of various catagory theory course related resources available on the Internet.

Useful Web Sites

Diagram of category theory definition dependencies

n-lab Category Theory page

Stack Exchange

Typesetting / LaTeX Samples

David Spivak example [TeX][pdf]

IM (Instant Message) Platform

Gitter (with LaTeX support) – via GitHub

“General” Interest Articles

Weinstein article: (1996) Groupoids: unifying internal and external symmetry.
In this short tour, mathematician Alan Weinstein discusses groupoids in terms of the tiling pattern on a bathroom floor.

Gromov article: (2012)  In a search for a structure, Part 1: On Entropy.
Category theory is the appropriate language for describing entropy. (Also available on Gromov’s website.)

Baez, Stay: (2009) Physics, topology, logic, and computation: a rosetta stone.
The authors use monoidal categories to discuss important phenomena in each of these four fields, such as Feynman diagrams, cobordisms, and the lambda calculus.


† Brief descriptions modified from David Spivak

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