Primary Textbook

Spivak, David I. Category Theory for the Sciences. (The MIT Press, 2014)

The textbook can be purchased directly through most book retailers.  Those looking for cheaper alternatives might find these two versions useful. The HTML version should be exactly in line with the printed one, while the “old version” on arXiv may not be exactly the same, but has most of the substance.

Errata for the book (and simultaneously a submission for for potential errors).

Awody’s text or Leinster’s which are slightly more technical, but still fairly introductory. Those who’d like a more advanced text can certainly supplement by reading portions of those texts as we work our way through the material in Spivak.

Additional Standard Textbooks

Online Texts

Milewski, Bartosz. Category Theory for Programmers. (http://bartoszmilewski.com, October 2014)

Stacks Project | Category Theory


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