The Catsters’ Category Theory Videos

 10 minute lectures on Category Theory delivered by “The Catsters”
aka Eugenia Cheng and Simon Willerton

The following is Edsko de Vries’ overview of The Catsters’ Category Theory videos. A graphical overview is available too via Simon Willerton’s page.

Dr. Steven Roman

Steven Roman, retired professor from UCI, has a series of six lectures on category theory from 2015:

Dr. Martin Codrington’s “Category Theory: The Beginner’s Introduction”

YouTube playlists

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  1. Missing here is Bartosz Milewski’s Category Theory for Programmers which is so far the most extensive and best video (series) I have found for CT (and likely true for non-programmers). Two levels, 19 lessons in 38 videos (about 35 hours) He also has a parallel blog “book”.

    The often recommended Catsters are highly over-rated though much better than nothing. (I like the people, but the presentation & videos have numerous problems.)

    Steve Roman’s introduction (see above) is quite good but not nearly as long or complete (seems to have stopped after 6 lessons.)

    Codrington’s (also above) is quite interesting and a unique presentation but also stopped after a bare introduction.

    Awodey is good, but also must less complete.

    1. Thanks Herb for the mini reviews and the link to Milewski’s videos. These didn’t exist when we all started almost two years ago, but others continue to find this site as well as these resources.

      Thanks again for bringing them to our attention.

      1. Bartosz Milewski is now adding a 3rd “season” to his excellent Category Theory videos.
        A PDF of his “book” has been converted from the many pages of his blog formatted source (look on GitHub etc., easy to Google.)
        Category Theory for Programmers

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