Week Five Meeting: §4.2

First apologies that technical difficulties prevented us from recording this week’s session — which incidentally may have been the best yet. Special thanks to those who joined us and helped to make it an interesting conversation.

Based on a few incoming emails as well as the feedback from the group in our conversation last Monday, it’s been suggested that we deviate a bit from our syllabus to slow things down a tad. Hopefully this will help everyone catch up and absorb the material we’re working on.

This week’s Google Hangout (RSVP here) will cover problems/questions from week five of the syllabus:

  • 4.2 Groups

If you’re joining us in progress, please feel free to add in any questions you might have about previous material as well – it’s never too late to join us all.

If you’re stuck and can’t make it, it will be archived (barring any further technical difficulties) on our YouTube Channel for later consumption.


Many are keeping regular office hours, or are even generally available to help others out. Please be sure to use them if you need a bit of extra help.

You can also login and make a post here if you’d like. [Example]

In last week’s session, Mark Gomer has also specifically and graciously offered to help anyone who might need it.

I’ll also note that many of us keep the old window from past hangouts open throughout the week, so you can always hop in and see if anyone is available there as well.

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