Week Four Meeting: §4.1 – §4.2

This week’s Google Hangout (RSVP here) will cover problems/questions from week four of the syllabus:

  • 4.1 Monoids
  • 4.2 Groups

If you’re joining us in progress, please feel free to add in any questions you might have about previous material as well – it’s never too late to join us all.

Those who aren’t able to jump into the hangout (due to hardware issues or the 10 person limit) are encouraged to chat within the hangout IM and follow along with the live stream. If you’re stuck and can’t make it, it will be archived on our YouTube Channel for later consumption.

Participant count

As of this week there are now 32 participants in the group! Thanks to everyone who is participating, as I expected we’d have only about 4 when we started this whole thing.

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